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Townhouse in a Parklike Setting - COMING SOON!

You guys.

I can't even tell you how excited I am to introduce you to Greenside Estates. It's this townhouse complex that has flown under everybody's radar for years. But it's time for you to see it in all it's glory. Located on the Surrey/Langley boarder, spanning over 6 acres of green grounds, this pet-friendly complex is sure to wow you. The owners here have done a ton of work over the last 10 years - including replacing all the roofs, re-siding the entire complex, new windows, new doors, plus upgrading the electrical kiosks; there is nothing left to do. Every unit has a fantastic and spacious backyard - for a townhouse, are you kidding? These things are huge. No more postage stamp yards for me, thanks. And what is this? Oh that, that's the outdoor pool. And gym. And basketball court. And did I mention it's connected to Latimer Elementary, so you've basically got a ballin' playground, too. Super family friendly and dog friendly - which is my favourite part. This particular unit is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath with fresh paint, fresh floors, tons of storage space, and immaculately kept. Keep your eyes peeled, because this beauty goes live on Monday!

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