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Want a property search designed exclusively for you? Fill in the info & let the magic happen!

Flexible Payment Planning
Get Pre-Approved

Talk to your bank or mortgage broker before starting your search.

Clean Neighborhood
Start Your Search

You and I will come up with a plan for what you're looking for and the search is on!

Happy Family
Find the One

You found the perfect property! Before we write an offer, let's do some background research to vet this place.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Write an Offer

Looking good? Perfect! I'll guide you in preparing a solid, strong offer that will crush the competition.


I will fight to get you the best price and terms to get your offer accepted.

Due Diligence

Now we have to work on any subject clauses that may have been included in your offer - arranging the inspection, finalizing your financing, etc.

Signing Check
Subject Removal

Once we have done our due diligence, and we are satisfied with our subject clauses, we remove them from the contract. This is also typically when you submit your deposit, and the sale is considered Firm

Do a Happy Dance!

Congratulations - you've purchased a property! Time to start packing, your completion & possession dates will sneak up on you!

Steps to Buying

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You caught me. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. For those of you who do not know what this symbol is, I'm not mad... I'm just disappointed.

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